Attack paths

Determine the most likely attack paths in your network. For example by:

  • Doing interviews about your network environment
  • Studying relevant network drawings
  • Verifying firewall rules
  • Discussing system administration procedures
  • Reviewing password and credential usage throughout your network
  • Performing specific scans and/or enumerations on network or systems

Sparring partner

Sometimes you just want to discuss and weigh different options with a Security Minded person. I can be your sparring partner on IT security related topics. I'll also be honest with you when I feel I can't help you myself because I lack certain knowledge or experience on a certain topic.

Architecture review

You or your organization came up with a new design (such as a high- or low-level network design) and would like someone with a security mindset to scrutinize the design.


Whether you are looking for a short presentation or multiple days of training, I would love to share my knowledge with your organization. I prefer having hands on exercises for anything longer than a couple of hours of training.

Let's put our minds together.